Out Of The Blue

In this fascinating book, Mary Terhune shares her personal journey of spiritual awakening, mystical encounters, and visions, as well as the universal truths that were revealed to her in the process. Her spontaneous awakening began during a life crisis where she received revelations from Jesus that transformed her conscious awareness, changing her life forever. A profound experience of self-realization brought her the message that divinity is humankind’s natural state, one that we need to reclaim. Then, while sitting in meditation, she had an encounter with death that dispelled the illusion of birth and dying. A decade later Mary had an amazing introduction to consciousness medicine, which expanded her training as a registered nurse into a different understanding and approach to disease, prevention, curing, and healing.

Mary’s is a message of transformation—she urges us to become aware of our omniscient essence and paradigm shifts in preventive and curative medicine as we awaken to consciousness as the primary force of life. Out of the Blue inspires every true seeker to live as an awakened being and a knowledgeable master of one’s own destiny and well-being.

Here’s Wayne Dyer reading a Chapter from Out of the Blue:

OUT OF THE BLUE available in India at: http://www.hayhouse.co.in/book_author/mary-terhune/
OUT OF THE BLUE available in Danish with a beautiful new floral cover at: http://www.psykeogsjael.dk
OUT OF THE BLUE available in Norwegian at Cappelen Damm at: https://www.cappelendamm.no