Mary Terhune has been in the healing arts for over 40 years journeying as a registered nurse from allopathy to homeopathy, body-centered therapeutic massage, and the realm of Reiki and energy medicine. Her conscious awareness completely changed after an astonishing spontaneous spiritual awakening during a life crisis.

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“Mary Terhune has written the best description of self-realization I have ever read.” 

~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, #1 New York Times best-selling author

Listen to an audio of Dr. Dyer reading the chapter on self-realization.


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What Readers Are Saying...

“Healing, transformation, full of Grace.”

“Mind blowing description of enlightment.”

“For all of us on the spiritual journey.”

“A life-changing book!”

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Conversations with Mary

Many people have expressed the desire to speak directly with Mary concerning the various topics in her book. For this reason Mary created “Conversations With Mary”.

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A Favorite Quote

“…And she opened the clenched fist in her mind and let go, and fell, into the midst of everything.”

-Teijitsu, 18th century abbess of Hakujuan,
a Zen Buddhist nunnery near Eiheiji, Japan

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In her book, Mary Terhune shares her 30 year personal journey of spiritual awakening, mystical encounters, and visions, as well as the universal truths that were revealed to her in the process. Her spontaneous awakening began during a life crisis in 1984 that transformed her conscious awareness, changing her life forever. A profound experience of self-realization brought her the message that divinity is humankind’s natural state, one that we need to reclaim. Then, while sitting in meditation, she had an encounter with death that dispelled the illusion of birth and dying.

Foreword by Raymond Moody, M.D., PH.D.

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